About Us

Law Paid is the Service Brand Name of the Pre Paid Legal Services operated by Executive Assets Nigeria Limited.
Executive Assets Nigeria Limited is NOT a Law Firm and does NOT offer Legal Services directly to members of the public.

We provide Prepaid Legal Services

In the most basic form, Pre Paid Legal Service is a service that offers the general public access to  Legal Service at a highly discounted rate.


In the standard scenario, a subscriber to  a Pre Paid Legal Service pays a onetime fixed fee to  a Service Provider or Administrator and as a result of the payment,  the Service provider or Administrator connects the subscriber to a Lawyer or Law Firm that delivers the ‘Legal’ requirement of the subscriber. This is what Law Paid Pre Paid Legal Service  is all about.


Pre Paid Legal Services has been in succcesful  operation in the West, especially the United State of America since the early 1970s.   This service has been providing millions of people around the world access to Legal services they couldn’t otherwise afford.


In a region of the world like Africa where millions of people are living very difficult daily lives, Law Paid provides an opportunity for them to access Justice they could only hope for given their income levels and other circumstances.

The opportunity provided to Subscribers  to make a onetime payment of an affordable amount of money and then access Legal Services needed all year round is really an amazing opportunity for all Nigerians.


There is a direct link between poverty and access to justice. Poor people are often unable to afford adequate Legal Services. The consequences of not having access to proper Legal Counsel can be the denial of access to justice and the violation of the right to equal protection under the law.



What this means again is that there is a confirmed correlation between the ability of citizens of a country to access (and utilise to the fullest extent possible) Legal Services and the degree to which they are able to defend their rights and enforce their civil liberties.


Law Paid is a vehicle through which the problem of access to Justice  is being  addressed.

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