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No matter who you are or what you do, there is a Law paid Plan right for you

The Law Paid Personal plan is a customized plan suitable for individuals. It covers Litigation, Court Appeals, Bails and general Legal issues…   Subscribe Now 

Have you ever thought about how great it would be to have a Lawyer in the family, available at any time? The Family plan tragets litigation issues related to spouses and Kids  Subscribe Now

This legal plan is  suitable for social groups and other organizations with over 30 members. These include cooperatives, Association and clubs… Subscribe Now

This Legal plan targets business owners and covers legal based solutions from litigation to bill and debt collection and every legal representation issue related to Small and Medium Businesses…        Subscribe Now

How To Access the Law Paid Service

        • After subscribing for the service, a subscriber will be issued a Subscriber ID Card.
        • To access the service, a subscriber must Call or mail the contact details located at the back of his/her card.
        • Having contacted us with details of his/her complain, Our Customer Care personnel will link the subscriber to a legal personnel from any of our participating Law Firms (PLF) depending on the legal issue and location of the subscriber.


  • The Legal Personnel from the Participating Law Firm(PLF) would get all information and will work with the subscriber in solving his/her legal matters.
  • This will come at no cost to the subscriber as he/she has subscribed for a prepaid Law Paid Plan.
  • For any enquiries or complaints with respect to this service, kindly Contact Us via the forms provided on our contact page or via our Customer Care Hotlines.


  • My name is Micheal Oyailo of Pedro Police Barracks, Lagos. I Subscribed to Law Paid on 27th January 2012. I was recently unjustly arrested by the Police because of a stolen car problem. It was my brother the Police were looking for but they arrested me instead. I called Law Paid and within 20 minutes a Lawyer was sent to represent me and secure my bail. They have still not found my brother but thank God I am free now. It was like magic because I was not sure if the Law Paid thing will really work. Honestly, I recommend the service to all Nigerians. That's all

    Michael Oyailo Law Paid Subscriber Number: PS00015
  • I am a mechanic in Benin City, Edo State and I subscribed to Law Paid in February 14 2012 through one of the Law Paid Associates. It was not until I got into trouble with the Benin Police that I understood the advantages of Law Paid. I was already in Police prison when I called Law Paid to report my problem to them. One Lawyer Called Barrister Moses came to the Station and got me released and I didn't pay one Kobo. Law Paid dey work no be small.

    Akibu Abidoye Law Paid Subscriber Number: PS00023
  • My Landlady was about to eject me from my apartment without following laid down procedures by serving me only 7 days Notice of Owners intention to Recover Possession. I called Law Paid and a lawyer was immediately assigned to me. The Lawyer took care of the problem. The 7 days Notice of Owners Intention to Recover Possession was withdrawn. Up until date, I still retain the apartment without any threat from my landlady or her lawyer. I did not pay any money to the lawyer for the services rendered.

    Mr. Rotimi Bamgbele Law Paid Subscriber Number PG00083
  • My goods worth million of Naira got lost in transit from China to Nigeria on board Egypt air. I made efforts to recover the goods but to no avail. I called Law Paid, because I am a subscriber. A lawyer was assigned to me who met with all the parties involved. My goods were not only found in china but was delivered to me at my shop at trade fair, Ojo, Lagos State. Subscribe To Law Paid and Be Protected Like Me!

    Mr. Obinna Ukeh Law Paid Subscriber Number: PG00035

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